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Originally Posted by Rick's Tropical Delight View Post
here's the trailer
everyone loved the beef. the potatoes were plated with an ice cream scoop. how would you have done it?
In that situation I also would plate with a ice cream scoop, (quick and easy) however I would then go back and flatten each scoop down a bit with the back of a flat spoon or spatula to give it a bit less 'scoop like' appearance. Just press lightly and twist about 45'. This is something I would do at the same time I wipe the plates JUST before they go out for service. We only do this for more formal events. It takes about 3-5 seconds per plate to do it, but makes a world of difference in the presentation.

Please don't get me wrong. Your food looks WONDERFUL! And, I'm sorry if my cafeteria comment sounded harsh. IMHO when we get to the level of a rehearsal dinner, which in my area is considered a formal event, there is an expectation on the part of the client for a more sophisticated and refined dining experience.

Based on your pron, you delivered 5-star quality food. I was simply suggesting a way to reach 5-star presentation to go with it.

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