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Default Need Ideas For a Corporate Lunch

I am down in Florida consulting as corp. chef with a seafood company and need to do a luncheon for 15 or so tomorrow utilizing the company products to both show off my skills and to show some new ideas on using their products. I have been kicking around a few ideas/themes and wanted to see if you guys had any other suggestions. The products for tomorrow are, pasturized crab (their main product), both frozen and canned pasturized lobster meat, frozen grouper fillets, frozen mahi mahi fillets and frozen shrimp. There are quite a few constraints; 1. I have to serve the exec. board first (5 ppl in a board room setting) at 12n, 2. the owner of the company is allergic to shellfish so I have to be able to somewhat accomodate/appease him w/o gearing everything around him, 3. Have to serve the other 10-15 office staff after in a more casual form after the meeting, 4. I am not really that used to working with some of these products (only the canned crab and shrimp) as I have always done real high end stuff with only fresh ingredients. Hee is what I a thinking, going with a Southern/New Orleans thing;

Start with
Fried green tomatoes with a creamy jalapeno spiked crab, fennel and bell pepper slaw (can just do a plain slaw for the boss)

Citrus/chile marinated grilled organic shrimp over a salad of Texas caviar, arugula and a roasted lemon vinaigrette (can leave off the shrimp maybe do some crispy prosciutto or bacon)

Next (this is the one I am really stuck on as I never really worked with frozen bagged lobster meat (do not think fresh lobster it is very different in texture and salinity)
Lobster Gumbo with a Lobster Hush Puppy as Garnish (no way to change this one for shellfish friendly)

Followed By
Blackened Grouper served over Andouille and Chicken Jambalaya with a spicy Creole Tomato Sauce

I skipped the mahi because I started feeling it was already too much stuff and I do not want to over do it but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Thanks in advance
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