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Originally Posted by chris1237 View Post
Chad is that 40-50 day time frame from the date you buy it or from the date you buy it or the date it was packed?

Also if I could not find out the pack date is there any rule of thumb on how long I should age it for?

Aging is based on the kill/packing date which is found on the case. You must have this date or trust your butcher. I use a lot of different butchers and don't trust a single one of them to give me the correct date (sometimes they don't know, sometimes they think they know, sometimes they guess, and sometimes they outright lie). For me, I have to see the label on the case to believe it.

If you shop at Sam's or Costco, ask if you can go through their case stock in the back. The Sam's near me labels determines the expiry date on their labels by adding 30 days to the pack date. I still don't trust it though because I've watched them mislabel pieces before.
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