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Thanks for the posts.

It Moisture! Sticking together I bet!
Like the other posts mentioned, probably just moisture. As long as you keep your pellets in sealed containers so they don't absorb humidity and keep the pellet hopper high & dry, you shouldn't have any problems.
I'm using a 40 lb. bag of OHP pellets. It's inside, but I haven't sealed it. I'm going to get a nice Rubbermaid type container to store them in. That should take care of any moisture problems w/ the pellets.

Maybe the fact that I had the smoker completely full of pork contributed to the moisture too.

Do you see this on all brands of pellets, or just one? Might be worth trying other brands to see if they fare better...
I haven't had it long enough to really tell. This is the only long cook I've done so far. I've done a couple of 2 hr. chicken cooks w/ BBQr's Delight Pellets, but this problem happened well into the cook. If it continues after I start keeping the pellets in an airtight container, I'll have to see if another brand does any better.

I've ran hundreds of pounds of various mfrs.' pellets though my 570 and have never had that occur. They have made a design change on the paddle wheel arrangement. Rotated it 90 degrees on the newer models. Which way does yours sit? Are the "fins" of the paddle parallel with the width? Mine is that way and works fine but there must have been some reason they now have the fins running parallel with the front to back direction.
The fins go front to back. So I guess it's a newer one? That makes sense since it's only supposed to be about 2 months old.

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