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Originally Posted by Meat Burner View Post
New England brother...looks great so far!!! Keep after it and you will have a first class smoker very soon. Burn it out one more time just to be same, then "get r done". Keep posting those build pics.

Looks like I might be keeping my original lightly kerosened drum for a burn barrel.

Today I got in touch with a guy from craigslist that has two 48 foot trailers full of drums. He said 90+% of them are food grade and most of those had olive, peanut oil or juice in them. To keep things simple he gets $12 ea. for any drum. He has sealed drums and open tops with lids.

Only negative about the whole deal is that he is about an hour away from me by car (about 75 mi). But, I am just happy to have found such a good source for drums.

I am going to have a couple of them for a weekend burn out. I might even have my uds all built by the end of the weekend. I have everything I need but the charcoal grate now.
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