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Originally Posted by Against The Grain View Post
Yeah Man try frying some bacon like that.

Hey Donnie we got a lot coming up, 250 chicken dinners Sunday.

Like I said... April is not a good month for me... I have three children's b days and easter. The Dickinson Wine and Roses event it Friday, I have the Rotary every Wednesday and my big event is this Wednesday (Personal Pork Shoulder) and precook is Tuesdays.

I just got authorization for one HUGE event a month and we will be bring back First Saturday (400 Chicken) cook off at Zieglers this summer.

Now that being said... In May and June, because I will be going back to school to get a teacher's certificate, I will be dialing back some of the periphial volunteer jobs I took on to prove I could handle the big events.

So that is where you guys come in. I will be able to do some work for ya.

Where is this weeks event and precisely what time and all is it. I might be able to pop in the Lighthouse Ops Facility late and prep some ****.

You know my number man.
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