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Default Sweet Sweet UDS!!!

50 years ago I use to accompany my Gramma to the local farmers market every Saturday morning where she sold eggs, bacon, and always took 50 Coffee Cakes. This was the old style outdoor market and it was all local farmers with no "made in china" stuff.
I always remember gramma being up all night cooking on a big outdoor oven that was attached to the stone smokehouse. I loved that warm fresh coffee cake and although I thought of it often over the years- I never found it.
My Mom passed away recently and one of the conversations we had was my memory of the farm and those coffee cakes. She told me it was easy, get some jersey cream and let it sour, shape the dough, when it has risen you put the sour cream on and then sprinkle it with brown sugar and a little cinamon. Not quite a step by step but....
So here enters the Brethren and Artisan Bread thread and well a little experimenting, a whole lot of cleaning my drum and I got some Coffee Cakes as good as I remember.

Man I love the UDS!! For me it was the maple wood that gave the smell I remember.
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