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Hi There,

Name's JT and I am a new member. I joined because of this thread. It took a while but I read the whole thing!!!!

I have lots to learn as I have never cooked on a smoker before. I stumbled on to this forum/thread acouple of weeks back while looking for info on smokers.

I have a fair amount of backyard charcoal grilling experience, but have lived a sheltered BBQ life and have not been exposed to much Que outside my own little world. So I am a newbie all the waqy around I guess.

Anyway....You all have inspired me to build a UDS. I have started to scrounge up some pieces parts from here and there and will be building soon. So far I have got a free ball valve, a Weber cook grate and two cans of grill paint from Lowe's (also free w $25 gift card) and today I scored a free hunk of expanded metal. I got a cheap $16 pit thermo by grill care that I hope will do for now. Sometime this week I am getting the nipples, caps etc.

I scored a free barrel from my boss. The barrel he gave me was a open top style with the lid and is in great shape. It was behind a house he had recently bought and was empty. It had a slight fuel oil/kerosene smell to it when I got it. That smell was totally gone after burning the barrel out once.

It has a olive green liner on the inside that seems to be tough as nails as the first and only burn so far did not seem to get rid of much of the liner.

I am moving forward with this barrel for now, but I am looking for a better specimen to work with. I was ok with the barrel I have until i read some of the posts on here that were of the "why take a chance?" perspective.
Got me thinking I guess and maybe a little paranoid. hopefully I will find a nice food grade Drum soon. I read all of the suggestions about finding drums on here and called lots and lots of people to no avail so far.

So, that where things stand for now. I know we all love to read bout others builds so i will post often through the process and try to get some good pics for you all.

Here is a few pics of the barrel I have become leary of using for now.
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