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As an organizer and a CBJ our event follows some basic rules. As a judge I don't care who you spend time with, or talk to, or drink with the night before turn in. On the day of turn in, I expect NO judges to be talking with, drinking with, or socializing with teams until after the judging is completed. As far as clothing goes..... on the day of judging I like to see blue or maroon KCBS shirts... and that is usually all that I see. I have never had a problem with the two mixing things up. I respect my teams, and I respect my judges..... And I expect everyone to do the same.

Of course we have a fenced in event and admission gates. Judges come in that morning and are led to the judges tent where they have breakfast items waiting for them. Then they have their meeting. After that they are free to wander until the first turn in time.... But they all seem to know that wandering by the teams is a no no......
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