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Hi All, I have been trying to finish this thread for a while but things keep coming up! Love the site by the way Tons of Info on here. I just got my 1st drum on Saturday and i am going to start on it a little at the time. I have a couple of questions...

1. is the red stuff in the drum the liner that i need to burn?
2. How about that rubber looking ring in the lid burn it off?
3. Will acetone or paint thinner help loosen the junk inside, and will it be safe to burn after airing it out after drying, then will it be safe to cook on?
4. does it matter how long the nipples are for intakes?
i have some 1/2 4 inch nipples and i have some 3/4 1 and 2 inchers and close nipples 3/4
which one would be better before i start drilling?

I have a lot of the parts to make it i think.

Thanks in advance guys! You guys are a treasure trove of information



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