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ok, so yesterday i drove about 4293.874 miles to go get drums that were already incinerated and sand blasted. well, ok, only 110 miles each way. and i did get to meet smokin' d (aka - richard) who has the coolest mini off-set. i did not know i needed one until i saw that little piece of art. friggin' awesome!

ok, back on track, so i get the already prepped drums, drive 9 million miles home and immediately paint the exteriors.

today, i needed to be productive in the yard because, well, it is trying to grow. i found this stuff called round up that will make my yard work much easier this summer. you guys should try it!

ok, focus.... anyway, i was able to get everything but the charcoal basket done today. i have the important items done..... beer opener and hose-barb thermometer mod!

skidder (aka - bob) dropped by with some valves and other parts that i will use on my next drum. thanks again bob....

this one has a 1" intake raised and using the magnet valve mod. lower openings are 3/4" nipples with screw caps. i have not installed handles nor have i decided on whether to go with 2 or 4 or 6 or 8 openings on the lid. when using multiple openings, what does everyone use for a cap? i like the idea of drinking a bunch of wine and saving the corks!

anyway, if the pics work, here is MUDS (Massachusetts Ugly Drum Smoker)..... the beer is a harpoon brewery leviathan imperial IPA... essentially a barley wine. i need to sit down now......


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