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This is also in Honor of Funk Great James Ambrose Johnson, Jr.

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Who once said... "Cocaine is God's way of telling you, you got too much money."

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Now everybody sang the Love Gravy Song
Rick James last work that got anywhere near the charts due to its association with Southpark. It's unapologetically filthy to the end.

Intro (Issac Hayes Voice)

Make Love

(Rick James)

Gonna Make love 2 ya woman
Im gonna lay ya down by the fi ya
and caress yo womanly bah day
make ya moan and pers-pie-ya
gonna get dem juices flowin'
makin love gravy love gravy love gravy yeah yeah yeah

open up a packet of my gravy
baby its burning just 4 u child
would like another helping of my gravy
baby say yeah yeah yeah
(Don't let it get in your eyes now)

I'm Gonna make love 2 ya woman
gonna get a little freaky 2
with lingerie and leather
and a bottle of superglue
let's make a human pretzel
makin love gravy love gravy love gravy love love love


I'm gonna climb n2 ur cockpit
and gonna get those rockets firin'
blast u N2 orbit
and burn out all ur wirin'
let's get our a##es on the launch pad
makin love gravy love gravy love gravy love love love
Oh Wee Yeah.


I got a whole lotta gravy left baby
Ooooh those are nice, would u like some gravy on those?
There's enough gravy to go round for everybody
I'm ma drown all u Beeyaches in gravy.

Popdaddy is Dead - 1933-2011 - Pitmaster T is a free agent

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