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Default Choking your orifice

Originally Posted by N8man View Post
Catch Temp on the way up...Harder to control when you overshoot..
Allow 30 minutes for your air intake adjustments to take effect...
Yep. What he said.

First time I used my drum I let it get as hot as it would go at first (thinking I needed to be sure it got properly lighted...) Took FOREVER to get it down to 225* after that. Now I kinda know where the air intake wants to be for 225*. I get the coals going in the chimney like N8 says, pour them into the fire basket, put the lid on and choke it down right away. My valve's a little different that y'all's balls, but I bet the sweet-spot has less than 1-square inch of air opening... Pretty damned small hole when everything's where it wants to be.
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