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Originally Posted by baldbill View Post
ok, I'm ignoant and to yall this is going to be a dumb question. What exactly is "dry" aging.
I copied this from ask the meat man.

What is the difference between wet aged beef and dry aged beef?

Wet aging or aging-in-the-bag has become the industry norm, 90% of aged beef is done this way. The beef is vacuum packed in plastic and sits at temperatures of 34-38 degrees for 7-28 days. Inside the plastic, the meat ages and becomes more tender yet there is no flavor development since there is not a concentration of flavor occurring with loss of moisture.

This method has become more popular because it is cheaper and more profitable. Dry aging is more costly due to the approximately 18% loss in shrinkage and extra trim required, time, storage, refrigerator space, and labor.

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