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Originally Posted by The_Kapn View Post

I have never personally dry aged beef. To me, that process is obviously for the real pros.
I have eaten dry aged Prime steaks and they are "To Die For".

I / We wet age all of our briskets using the guidance by the legendary DRBBQ found here:

The smell and flavor when removed from the Cryo are just as he described---full beef flavor.

Hope this helps.

I agree that in general, Wet-Aged beef has a very "beefy" flavor (when cooked, at least ) I also wouldn't dare Dry-Age beef on my own. I bought a steak at a farmers' market in Seattle a few weeks back that had clearly been aged by someone who was NOT a pro. If I hadn't know what to do with all the black mold and funk (trim it off and sear the heck out of it), I would have either tossed the steak into the trash or come down with a rich case of food poisoning - it was gross!
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