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Thanks everyone for the great feedback!~Lot's of good info and suggestions.

I asked especially those in Illinois because I figured they would be most aquainted with what our laws are. And yes, of course I will be doing whatever I can to follow the rules.

I did not mean to suggest that profit was a priority over legitimacy. We've been asked to do some cooking for some folks who offered to pay us for our time, which, IMO, is only fair.

But the suggestions on the way to get there are all good, and of great value to me!

If any "feathers" were ruffled, I assure you that was farthest from my intent! Just that there is a tremendous pool of knowledge here and trying to tap it to get some informed opinions!

FWIW, we have cooked for freinds and family for several years, at cost, and always had nothing but compliments. Given the economy, we think, as StrikeEagle suggested, that there is room in the market for folks that cater to smaller crowds, those that caterers don't always want to be bothered with.

Of course we want to (and do) follow safe food practices, and I guarantee that our primary concern beyond safe and sanitary service is our customers' satisfaction. To suggest otherwise ....well, if I can't do it well, I don't want to bother.

I do recall seeing folks like Bigmista going from joining the local Moose and using their commercial kitchen, to having his own business (and it's been very cool watching his progress!)

I don't think there are too many folks on this site that aren't concerned with putting out the best food that they possibly can. If they weren't, most wouldn't be here.

That said, good weekend to all!
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