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Based on how you run your business from your comments, you Sir are not who my comment was directed at. If you are paying your dues as you say then you are at risk for loss the same as I.

I did offer due respect to stoke & smoke and I hope the list I included will help him or at least give some more insight into what he faces and what some of the challenges are that might lie ahead for a new catering business.

I think when profit was mentioned as a prioroty over legitimecy is when I perked up, I really meant no harm and welcome further questions from him. There is another forum where folks have a tendency to jump all over any poster that might slightly criticize, I'm really hoping this forum is different!

Regarding mistakes, I learn everyday from mistakes & experiences, I don't consider myself better than anyone else but I will speak out on what I believe is right and if you can show me I'm wrong I will learn from you!

No harm meant S & S
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