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Originally Posted by Chavo27 View Post
I might have used galvanized on my intakes I'd better look into this!
Although, their below where the fire will be so would it really matter?
I think a lot of people are way too paranoid about zinc. Here's a telling point: go read the label on your bottle of multi-vitamins. Contains zinc, an essential element for the human body. What do mountain climbers smear all over their faces, a white ointment? Zinc oxide. What is all over every single piece of metal in every playground in the country? Zinc.

People are nervous about zinc because the first day when you weld it without wearing a dust mask, you breathe zinc oxide dust and get flu-like symptoms that disappear as soon as you drink a glass of milk. That's the only health hazard related to zinc I know of. Zinc doesn't melt until it gets to 785F, and if your air intakes get that hot, your meat is pure carbon and might work as charcoal lump in your next cook!

I think all the fuss about zinc is 99% urban legend.

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