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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by ASUBBQ View Post
If your going to be a caterer you need to be legal and legitimate. I am not in your area and I say this with much respect but, I get a little peaved at the weekend catering warriors that want to take the money but not pay their dues!

Catering is my only living and I have to work legitimetely & legally for me and my clients., why shouldn't you or the many others that wing it and keep their fingers crossed?

Let me say this for the sake of your future clients, do it properly and do it right. Know what your doing and you better have some experience beyond a few parties that will save your a$$ when the unexpected happens. If you are not a full time food service professional there is a lot to be learned.

You will need:

Servesafe if you don't already have it
Licensed commisary
Local licensing
Special events permits
Liabilty insurance
Workers comp
Contract knowledge
The financial means to make the contracted event happen should you have a major breakdown of equipment or vehicle
And most importantly the passion, the talent & the desire to do it right!

Like i said, not trying to ruffle any feathers just adding my 2 cents
Originally Posted by StrikeEagle View Post
ASUBBQ, I think that he's trying to 'do it right'. Go easy.
I agree with StikeEagle, you may not have wanted to 'ruffle any feathers' but as far as I'm concerned, you have.

While I may not have the opportunity to do catering full time does not make my operation any less important.

Yes, I do it legally, not only to protect my clients, but also myself and family.

Please remember that this site is all about helping each other, not trying to rip them down for asking questions. I'm sure that when you started you NEVER made a mistake, NEVER had to ask questions, and NEVER helped out a friend by cooking for him before you had every thing in place.

I'm sorry, but your post hit me wrong and yes, it ruffled my feathers.
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