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Originally Posted by Thawley View Post
I haven't built the legs for it yet. Been resting it on bricks for now...
Just found this thread again an realized I neve posted "finished" photos with the front legs. I've been using it for nearly two years now and am fixin' to build another. When the new one's finished, this one's going to a good neighbor.

Things that work so well on this one I'd be a fool to change:
  • Rain-Safe curved exhaust
  • inner-lid hanger hook
  • Upside down build style using bungs as air intakes
  • fire basket/ash-pan design

Things I'll change when I build the next one:
  • paint
  • road tread tires instead of knobbies
  • proper dolly-type handle for moving
  • insulated lid handle
  • BGE-style cart with cutting board/prep counter, tool holders & more

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