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Default Tracking competitions you have judged.

I will ask this of any KCBS BoD members who read this forum. Has any thought been given to a different type of recording for contests you have judged, other than the get your judging sheet signed? It seems a little archaic & antiquated in the age of the computer. Is there any plans to have a computer recorded database of competitions judged?

I know my request is somewhat biased because I judged a couple of contest several years ago and did not get the reps to sign my sheet, so they will not be counted. I would think it would not be too much extra effort to have your CBJ & KCBS number entered on the judging slip and then entered after a contest. It would keep a running total of the contest judged...Contest & date completed.

Is this an unrealistic objective? I realize you have to have checks and balances. It wold be nice if a computer with internet access was provide at each contest, much like a computer used to enter your score after each round of golf, the USGA then has a record of your handicap. You enter your CBJ number and you are credited for the contest.

I would appreciate any comments from the BoD.
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