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Default smoking leg of lamb

Like many backyard grillers and smokers - I don't get a chance to do the same meat repeatedly to work out some of the questions. And with the price of good quality meat, I sometimes resist experimenting. So I pose this question to the Brethren, figure that amongst this august group there must be some experience with this question.

I generally smoke a boneless leg of lamb a couple times a year. I always unwrap it so it's butterflied when I cook it. I have always smoked it for a couple 2-3 hours and then wrapped it. Then I either complete it in the oven, or in the smoker for another hour or so - until internal temp is 140F or so. Sometimes I'll grill it.

The question:
Generally speaking I like lamb cooked to rare. But I've always noticed with this preparation some of the better done pieces are actually easier to chew and still remain moist. Would I be better off to treat this leg of lamb like a brisket or pork shoulder and cook to a higher temp and therefor get a more tender bite to it?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and shared experiences.
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