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Originally Posted by smoke-n-my-i's View Post
If you have read my thread, you will get the full picture of the problem.
I am in no way knocking the quality of the trailer. In fact, I too, did a lot of research in trailers before making up my mind. The dealer where I bought it had like 4 other brands, and this one was by far, a lot better quality than most of the others. I love the trailer itself, it is just the issue with the sealant and them not standing behind their warranty. They claim it isn't their problem, I say it is along with everyone else that sees it, including the dealer where I bought it.... Just a bad batch of sealant, and I got stuck with it.

I am trying to find out if anybody else who has their trailers has the same problem, so we can gang up on them...


I did read your thread before I responded. I'm not trying to justify the way their handling the situation at all. I would find out what type of sealant they used and contact that manufacturer myself to determine it's proper application/use.
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