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Thanks for the reply.

ALL of the clear silicone sealant on the top, sides, doors have mildew/mold on, in and under it. The silver has it all over it, but I can not tell if it is in it or under it without cutting it out and off the trailer. The white sealant is fine. If you get a few minutes, take a look at the link that I posted above, and you can see what it is like. It is NASTY.... I bought the trailer new in June of 2008, and found it in February of 09. I had washed it in October, and when I went to clean it again in Feb. I found it like that.... so, it either was dormant, and just blossomed, or it just took that long to show up, I don't know.

Again, the trailer is quality, and tows like a dream, so I know what you are saying.... I just have the issue with the sealant.
How old is yours? It took mine 8 months after I bought it before the problem showed up.... Again, I would love to find someone else that has one of their trailers that has the same problem. I am sure there is some out there, but as an enclosed trailer like mine, most are used to haul bikes, or construction, etc., and most don't really pay that much attention to them.

Thanks again for your info.

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