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Originally Posted by getyourrubonbbq View Post
I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your sealant. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion about manufacturers. And I have felt the same way about several brands of a lot of things. I've had GM repair/change out the steering column lube kit in my 05' Sierra 6 times and they still can't get it right. Not to mention a rear end that has been replaced and still whines at 40 mph. I make a point to stay involved in the entire build process with the manufacturer and my customers. I've never had any issues.

I know it sucks to have to deal with warranty issues and maybe the guys that applied the sealant didn't know what they were doing, that is possible these days. I think all of us that try to run a small business can agree it's hard to find good help and we always go back to the old cliche' if you want it done right do it yourself.

I'm in no way trying to put him on the spot, (Sorry Chris) but PM Chris with QueTPies BBQ and ask him about his trailer. I personally made a trip to Little rock to see it when he competed in Smoke on the Water and he had nothing negative to say about the whole experience. We had several conversations months before he purchased from me and he did alot of "due diligence" research on me and the manufacturer. A couple of months later he purchased his trailer and I consider him a friend. Many of you have probably seen pics. on the forum and I would encourage anyone that is going to be in Lula, MS to look me up and Chris and check it out in person.
If you have read my thread, you will get the full picture of the problem.
I am in no way knocking the quality of the trailer. In fact, I too, did a lot of research in trailers before making up my mind. The dealer where I bought it had like 4 other brands, and this one was by far, a lot better quality than most of the others. I love the trailer itself, it is just the issue with the sealant and them not standing behind their warranty. They claim it isn't their problem, I say it is along with everyone else that sees it, including the dealer where I bought it.... Just a bad batch of sealant, and I got stuck with it.

I am trying to find out if anybody else who has their trailers has the same problem, so we can gang up on them...

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