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Originally Posted by rockyathabaska View Post
Thanks for the input about the long themo!
Cooked 18lb turkey yesterday;my second one ever,did my homework on the thread [or so I thought],brined the bird for 1 1\2 hrs rinsed and dried it ,put it in uds side temp 325 side temp.Little maple chunks for some smoke and let her go;boy did she ever smoke!!!!!
Took a look in 2 1\2 hrs to see if it was time to put in the spuds and the bird was already done!I was thinking it'd take another hour or so but bird came off @3:30,done.
Middle temp must have been 400+.
Bird was excellent!Fed 14 people with lots left for lunches.

I was really lucky! MUST get to wallyworld for the long thermo!

Lovin that UDS ,Happy Easter, Bros!

I've been getting the 12 inch therms at Meijers for 2.99.they work great and look good.
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