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Originally Posted by hossrocks View Post
Man, thats a sweet rig Kevin... Couple of things to think about. Is this going to be just for roadside or do you plan to do festivals, comps and such?
(A) Trailer that size will a be hard to move around in most festivals and events.
(B) Very expensive to place. I run a 20ft and can fit in most space alotments. It will cost you almost double in most situations for a 30ft unit.
(C) Hope you have a 1 ton truck to pull it.

Tough to say which is better between the FE and the SP. Roto or shelving both huge capacity... I would go for the FE750. Plenty of cooking area and fairly efficiant on fuel. Seems the FE it would be easier to clean to.

Just my .02

Ya with the rig I have now I am already buying two spots. It will be a big change for me going to and FEC over the BWS but it needs to be done. I don't care what I use as long as it puts out the product I want it to. As far as the truck I have a 3/4 ton that i will modify for the short term until i get anotherone.This will be my roadside and catering rig the last one I hope so I will get all the goodies i can in it. How is business bud it has been slamin here.
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