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BTW. Was this used before? And did you clean out the pots before use again? Ash will build up in the pot area if you don't clean it out.
It was used before, but I took it all apart when I brought it home and made sure everything was clean.

Once I placed the burn pot correctly, it fires right up. I'm putting the dial on 'preheat', turning it on, pressing the 'start' button, waiting about 10 min., moving the dial to 'smoke', and waiting another 20 min. That seems to do the trick.

On all of my pellet pits, I dump a handful of pellets in the pot to give it some fuel to light with. I've seen my Traeger fail to light if I don't do that. It is just habit.
I haven't had to do that yet, but I'll keep it in mind if it becomes necessary.

I got the CS 570 too, clean the fire pot every time and make sure you have it aligned correctly before starting it up,
Yep, the misalignment was the reason for this post in the first place.

I usually wait until I see smoke before putting deflector plate and grills in, only takes a couple minutes
I'll do that if I have any more trouble lighting it, but since I aligned the burn pot right, it's been nails.
Another alignment check is to make sure the screws that hold the hot rod in place are tight thus keeping the rod level and in close proximity to the burn screen. You don't want any pellets falling below the hot rod down to the bottom of the grill. To check those screws, you'll need to remove the 6 machine screws holding on the end panel. (The end panel has the blower fan mounted to it so go easy removing it once you have the screws out. The power wires for the fan may not have much slack in them.) They do have spade terminals on the fan so you can unplug them and lay the end panel aside if need be. Then just look straight in the end and you'll see the hot rod flange with a couple of screws.
Interesting. I'll check that if it ever cools down from me using it.

Thanks, all, for the advice. I appreciate it.

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