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Originally Posted by 71-South View Post
Oops. Not a CookShack, but a Country Smoker CS-570.

Thanks for your post. I figured it out, though. The little tube at the bottom that provides heat has to stick through a hole in the burn pot. The first time, I didn't realize that. The second time, I did and it fired right up.

Thanks again, beerguy. I really appreciate the quick response.


Yup. And 8 minutes is a little shy in my opinion. I usually give 15 - 20 for warm up. Also, you probably don't need to set it to pre-heat...I usually just dial in where I want it to be for the duration of the cook and turn it on. The CS series has a built-in start up mode where it automatically dumps in pellets quickly for the first few minutes to get some heat going, then it'll just ease into the temp you want it at anyway. I don't remember how long the startup mode is, but probably 8 - 10 minutes. Same with the cool's automated, and goes about 15 minutes.

One other thing...make sure the set screws on that element in the burner are nice and snug. Not overtight, but snug. I had mine not fire up one very cold winter morning and couldn't figure out why...I let it go not wanting to mess with it in the 10 degree temps, but I later found out that the set screws were loose and the element was touching the sleeve, and causing it to either short or at the very least not heat up enough. A quick turn with an Allen wrench cured that problem.
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