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is the aluminum handle on the basket a good idea? thought aluminum was a no no...

Originally Posted by Smokin' D View Post
Well it took a lot of reading to get to this point but I made it.

Got the barrel from a reconditioning co. in Woburn, MA $30.

Gave it a burn out, even though they send all of theirs through an incinerator
at some crazy temp. Here is a pre-burn out interior shot. No Liner for me


The charcoal basket. 12" tall expando attached to a Weber grate with an aluminum handle all bolted to a freebie cover to a 30 Gal drum.

Drum all painted and patiently waiting to be assembled

All assembled and experiencing some smelly briquettes for it's seasoning run, I much prefer lump for cooking. The beer sitting on top is from a local MA brewer. It is called Green Monsta, for the wall at Fenway Park. Today is Opening Day at Fenway! Spring is here at last!!

Thanks everyone for all your contributions and help on this thread. Never would have tried this without you!

Right now it's running at 252* with 1 cap off and the ball valve at 1/4 open, it was up to 300* with 1 cap off and the ball valve full open. Closed it down to 1/4 about a half hour ago, down went the temps. Fabulous. Again thanks for the fun.
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