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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
I will say one thing... it seems to happen when people cook like you and I do, which results in a traditionally made, flavorful bark. Obviously expect the bark to be different than fresh when it comes off the smoker, but I notice a complete and significant dropping of the bark flavor profile from freezing and reheating; everything from the level of smoke to the saltiness.

Good thing is.... it goes deeper in the meat esp. since the cell walls break and allow free liquid movement. They will dry out more too on the table after freezing for this reason so save that juice.
I was thinking that freezing may have that effect. Actually, the more I think about it I would rather sacrifice a little on the flavor side in favor of moistness. I need to see if they plan on a separate meat line with a dedicated carver, or think they can slice and put in buffet serving dishes. I will strongly advise the former. With this crew, there is bound to be someone willing to handle the knife, (and take credit for the brisket)

Although not my style, I'm also going to make a couple of table sauces to send along, one of which will be a thin but spicy table sauce, most likely with some oil & butter for moisture and to anchor it's own flavor. To all sauces, I'll suggest she add some of the foil juices. Mabye even go so far as to give instructions on how to make a fresh table sauce from the foil juices....

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