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Question Reheating Whole Frozen Brisket ~ Advice Needed

A gal that Mrs~t~ works with is organizing her son's wedding rehearsal dinner, which is later on this summer. The number of guests total around 60. He is a rodeo guy, so she wants the theme to be a barbecue.

Problem is.....It's being held in a very small town about 300 miles away. Now she has sampled plenty of my Q, and has asked me to smoke and freeze briskets for reheating later. She is going to find out exactly what is available for reheating....I'm assuning ovens for now.

Plenty of times, I have cooked whole ones one day for serving the next day. After cooking I add liquid to the foil, put the meat side down, cooler rest several hours (and when the internal is still above 150), I seal the whole briskets (still in the foil ) in a vacuum bag. Then I plunge into an 80qt cooler full of iced water for about 30 minutes to move the internal temp quickly through the danger zone. Then refrigerate and reheat the next day in the foil pouch.

What I don't have any experience with or need advice with is:
  • Any extra precautions or tips before freezing
  • Packaging for freezing ( I would expect I'll cook them a couple of weeks ahead)
  • Thawing procedures - time required etc.
  • Reheating procedures (if they are different than reheating never frozen briskets) such as providing additional reheating liquid, or specific oven temps, etc.
  • I've always reheated my non-frozen ones whole, but I'm open for suggestions.
Once I get a plan, I do plan on a single brisket test cook, simulating the entire process from smoking to freezing. Then I want to give it to her still frozen with instructions and let her thaw and reheat on her own. Then she can decide if she wants to go this route.

So, I'm open for comments, suggestions and advice.

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