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Originally Posted by timmy7649 View Post
Wow. I just built my uds friday / saturday. I took a wire wheel to the coating inside the food grade barrel. That was not fun. But it is done and clean and cooked awsome ribs. Only problem is that with all vents closed i could not keep it under 250 degrees. I think i will set my charcoal basket down flat on the bottom.since the whole thing is made out of expanded metal. And not use lump charcoal and i will use k.f. This site was a lot of help. And bigmista's video's. Thanx everyone that put there imput in here.
"I think i will set my charcoal basket down flat on the bottom..."

Let us know how this works.

As you know the consensus is that there needs to be space under the basket for the ash which makes sense. Where will the ash go if it's flat on the bottom of the drum? Not sure but there may be someone on here that has tried this. Sure would be simpler but not sure.

We've had a few folks lately with new builds having high temp issues on first cooks. Not sure why but from what I've seen on my drum lid or upper air intake is the root of all evil and needs to be consistant and conatined to the right amount. Then the lower intakes can work the way those with the experience have documented here.
Other thing I did early on I got my fire too big when I started it and then had high temp issues due to lack of patience. Remeber, the gurus all say "catch it on the way up." If you start small and be patient I've found that it works pretty good.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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