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If you recall I was asking about this same subject a few weeks back. I currently have eggs and a stumps gf223. Of course the eggs are useless as far as volume goes and the stumps is probably one of the best smokers on the market for producing moderate amounts of bbq. That said, I do cater and this past weekend I did three jobs of about 30 folks each.... let me tell you that was a pain in the arse...therefore I agree with you on that point. Here is what I have come up with.... I think the thing to decide is what type of catering you are gonna do.... therefore what types of meats will you most likely cook and what kind of volume will you do?

Also... when you are cooking for profit, you need to know that time is your profit. Therefore you need a set it and forget it type cooker or at least one where you can attend to other aspects of the job instead of tending to the fire.

Here is where I am.... I mainly use the stumps with a stoker therefore I have set it and forget it.... BUT.... When that cooker is loaded down as in every rack full, it cooks all kinds of crazy therefore it requires attention. Therefore it is holding me back on the big jobs. One way I get around that is to smoke the meats for about 3-4 hours (gives them the color and the smoke flavor) then wrap them in foil and finish via other means such as in the oven. This is something to consider when cooking various types of meats at various temps.

While I love the vertical style cookers such as the stumps, when loaded down the airflow is stymied and there are all kinds of hot spots and chances or flare-ups which could cost quite a few $ plus the time to have to recook....that wouldn't be good. I have also seen flare-ups in the backwoods and the spicewines. Again the attention required to insure that this doesn't happen isn't worth the hassle.

I have looked and thought this out and decided the way to go to get the capability for volume and not having to worry about flare ups when the cooker is loaded is probably...... the kingfisher rotisserie. If need be you can cook a whole mess of meats at one time and not have to worry about hot spots which can be a real pain when cooking volume....

Can anyone tell me why this wouldn't be the way to go?
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