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They are amazing aren't they?

I loaded my newest, and lit it off at 2:00Pm yesterday (Saturday), cooked all day with no problems.
This morning (Sunday) it was still chugging away at 190* when I checked
around 9:00 AM.
At Noon, I added a chimney full on top and right now( 9:00 Central) it is reading 208*.
This thing has been running for 30 hours on less than 12lbs of KF
and some Hickory chunks. I can't wait to see where it is in the morning.
It has to be getting low on fuel by now.
I'm selling my offset.


Originally Posted by muddy_udders View Post
Does any one have info on how to build one of these??


What an epic thread. I just finished reading the whole thing.
By page 20 I knew I had to have one, by page 30 I was building it. When I got into the 70's I recieved my permissions and went back through so I could see the pictures.
I have kept the original context of this thread and made an Ugly Drum Smoker.
Tale of the tape:
Lined barrel burned out with weed burner took about a half hour.
Went with four half inch nipples for intake because the 1" hole saw was more than the price of the barrel.
Eight 1/2 inch holes for exhaust in original top.

If you would have told me last week that this drum would burn so steady and I could just set it and leave it alone I would have thought you belonged in a looney bin.
First trial burn, no meat, held temps for about 17hrs but I had to give it the Norco boot method because I made my basket out of 1/2 inch FEM and it was clogging with ash. Rebiult it using the 3/4-9 with a webber coal grate and there is a pork loin on it cooking now.
Pron to come gotta get it outta the card and onto the net.
Here it is,

Thanks to the entire R & D team for working out the bugs before I got here you have truly made it too easy.

Loved the Norcoredneck statue by the way.
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