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Default Mounted the fire door.

I apologize if you all have seen this before, but I am having fun with the build and feel like sharing.

So I made a little progress today. I managed to get the Vogelzang fire door mounted on the bottom barrel.

Marked up and ready to cut.

I made all the straight cuts with a .045 cutting wheel on the angle grinder and the curves with a 20 tooth per inch blade on the jigsaw.

When drilling the holes for the bolts I realized that it would be easier to drill a pilot hole first and then open the hole up to the finished size. This keeps the bigger drill bit from walking all over the place.

I dropped in the door and ran the drill through the holes again to ensure a smooth fit for the bolts. Then dropped in the bolts.

Tomorrow I think I will try to cut the top barrel and cut out the door from the third barrel. Just tryin to knock a little bit out every day.
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