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1.) What kind of food are you going to vend?
2.) If it's BBQ what will you be cooking it in and will it pass a HD inspection?
3.) How are you going to keep your cold items cold and hot items hot? (i.e. proper HD temps)
4.) Where will the prep work for the food take place? On site or somewhere else?
5.) Has your trailer passed a HD inspection?
6.) Where will you purchase the food to cook and how will it be stored till it is prepped?
(In Ohio you can't store it in your home in ANY fashion, freezer, fridge or otherwise.
Not even just overnight. It has to be trasnported directly from the point of sale
to the site of cooking in HD approved transport equipment)

Just a FEW of the questions the HD will have for you.

My advice is to go to the HD and sit down with someone and tell them what you want to do
and ask them what the requirements will be for your area.
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