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I totally get your point but from a business stand point when you have something that will produce the same quality food for half the effort and allows you to increase you business that is a no brianer.

With a quality pit, or even one you are very familiar with, the only additional effort is adding a log every 45 minutes or so. Is there something that goes on in other pits that I don't know about? For an overnight cook, go with a Spice/Backwoods/etc. but how long are you actually at a customer's site cooking...maybe 4-5 hours? That's less than 10 times you need to add wood. Besides, aren't you working around the cooker doing other things? It's not as if you are going out of your way to add wood.

I will not loose a single job or get fewer referrals because I no longer have one.To each his own

I won't debate this, as I don't know you, or your customers, or your volume. You are correct, though. To each his own
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