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I love my Backwoods for the capacity, the flavor it produces, the ease of moving it, and lots of other reasons, but I have to agree with the stick burners here.
I've catered several times using Big Brother Smoke's rig (I'm still waiting for my "Pit Master" shirt) and a few times with my Backwoods. I can tell you that the stick burner requires more attention, but also elicits a "better" response.
People are very interested in the Backwoods and I'll answer the questions that arise, but that's about it. The stick burner, however...well, that's a whole different world. There is pure envy that arises. Men (mostly) see this cooker and they start dreaming about what they could do with it. They all see this big, beautiful rig with the "show" going on...logs being fed into the firebox, smoke wafting from the big chrome stack, me cursing 'cause my toe still hurts from moving Mista's Spicebox...OK, maybe not the last part, but you get the picture. People are salivating over the show and the smell of the oak logs burning. Customers know the food is good before they ever get to taste it.
A guy sees a box cooker like a new vacuum; let me check it out and see how it works, but I don't really need to have one. A stick burner brings out the Neanderthal in all of us; fire good...meat cooked over fire even better!
Obviously this is solely a comparison for the "Wow" factor, and it is only my opinion, but trying to add food for thought...
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