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Look, guys lets all get along... there's more than one way to do something... and this forum is about learning and sharing. And loving one another and respecting their artistic expression of this thing we call BBQ.

It doesn't matter where your from or how you cook it, there is not WRONG way to do BBQ. From the thick, Juicy, tender, peppery crusty barked briskets of West Texas, to the Brown Sugary Glazed razor thin and stretchy shavings of the Maine Coast, to the simmered and foiled ribs of the low country, to the sloppy sauce covered, injection infused briskets of the Kansian land-- Its all good! There is not bad BBQ and there is no wrong way to boil, grill, smoke, soak in liquid smoke, crockpot, grind in a food processor or Dutch kettle it. There are no losers here or at the competitions...

Can't we all just get along? Shhesh!
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