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Originally Posted by sfbbqguy View Post
Phred...Pretty sure you're still going to need to do the wire wheel exercise on the inside after the burn.
Need to be down to bare metal beofre the seasoning run.
This is the sure, safe, commonly accepted advice... Too much work for a $20 drum – IMHO.

The low-effort – Thawley approved – method is to get the paint to just peal off the inside. For that you need a LOT of heat. You'll never get enough from a fire built inside the drum. The fire just can't get enough oxygen in there for a really REALLY hot burn.

I burned the Ultimate Ugly Drum Smoker™ from the outside in. Just got me a genuine HF weed burner, a full tank of propane, one of them nonflammable Budweisers and put the hurt on it. Once cooled the paint flaked right off with a stiff wire brush. And I had another beer.

Unless you're after that oh-so-desirable antique patina, it's probably best to paint it before winter.

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