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Default Comment Card Comes Back

I think Prairie Smoke brought this up the other day; the use of comment cards. I just got a copy of the rating sheet report used by the group that I last cooked for. It was a lady's church group. Turns out that I received more comments than the speaker or the worship! Here's how I fared...
In the comments, 21-30 represents the age group. Check out the last one from a true Octogenarian!
Great Good Fair Poor Total
51 18 - - 69

(1) 21-30 Use them again! It was great
(2) 31-40 – Excellent
(3) Awesome
(4) 41-50- Wahoo Oho!
(5) Awesome
(6) 51-60- delicious
(7) Very good
( 61-70- pork was good, but chicken was not the best (too much fat)
(9) 71&up- Real good I am full and feeling good, I even wanting some more (83 ½)

Man it makes you feel good!!
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