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Exclamation Someone talk to me about galvanized steel please

Now I know the word is that galvanized is bas at high temps but what are the facts behind it?

I'm looking at building a BBQ out of a water bowser that may well be galvanized. Am I to understand that it is not a problem at BBQ temps say 400F?

I see some BBQ's out there that are not made from otherwise known steel such as the pig cooker ( can't remember the name of it) It looks like galvanized sitting inside a wood box.

I'm very interested in this info asap as I have one lined up. The unit wont be used for smoking but more for grilling, I suppose I gild use it as a shell and build a steel cooker of sorts inside it.

Propane tanks as we know it and the such just are not available over here at a fair cost.


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