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Question UDS Drum advice

Hello, everyone this is my first post. I have been soaking up bbq knowledge and making some great food by lurking the forum for the last 3 weeks. After reading many posts I think I am ready to build my own UDS. I would like to say thank you to everyone's dedication and information shared. Being that I am in Australia the food drums are a bit different here. I have the opportunity to acquire the jewel of a steel drum shown below. According to the seller, it is food quality and from what I see it already has a tap and lid! I also managed to salvage a weber 22.5 from imminent doom. I plan on using the lid of the weber as a top to the uds. The diameter of the drum is 600 mm (23.622 047 244 in) and the height of the drum is 1050mm (41.338 582 677 in).

My question is, do you uds experts think this size drum will work?
Thank you all again for all your inspiration!

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