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Originally Posted by Just Pulin' Pork View Post
Thank you, this gives me a bal;l park of what I am looking at for brisket. If I cooked chicken also how would you figure that in?
130 portions.

Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post
If they are paying for chicken and brisket for 130 then you should honor that and not play the guessing game. I would charge $15.99 per and I better have the food to back up the price. Will you have leftovers? Yes, did they pay for it? yes

Does this farking make sense?
Opposite sides of the country but the same thought process.

I charge for 130 people eating brisket and chicken, some wont eat chicken, some won't eat brisket, others will eat all works out and your charging PP so if theres leftovers, it's paid for!

We'd probably go between 11 and 13.99 for that meal.
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