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Default Wedding Gig for 130 people

Wondering if I could get some advise. I have been asked to put together a quote for a wedding reception. It will be "meat only" for 130 peeps. There wanting me to price brisket and chicken and also price "Petite Steaks" and chicken. They will either go with brisket and chicken only (they provide the sides) or they will go with "Petite Steaks" and chicken (they provide the sides). My question is how much brisket and how much chicken? Looking at other threads in here and I am figuring at least a case of brisket maybe more. As for chicken I am at a loss to know how much to cook. If they go with the "petite steaks" (which i hope they don't) and the chicken I would probably do 75% steak and 25% chicken. For the cost of this I am figuring the cost of the meat, and supplies, and then figure a little extra for my time. This would be our first "real" catering gig. Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated.

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