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Tried a full burn this this weekend. (prior burns needed an open valve and an open nipple to get temp).

I started the burn with a new bag of lump (got a little crazy with the weed burner - was in a rush). While seasoning about 3/4 of a goat, I struggled to get the temp down, then back up. Temp was just right - opened my valve and nipple, tossed on the ATB's and goat and went in for a nap...

woke up-way too hot (closed valve), cooked breakfast-more way too hot (closed nipple open valve), ate breakfast-damn-still too hot (2/3 valve), ate atb's-temp holding great. Wonder how the goat is-(overdone by 20 degrees - and 3hrs ahead of schedule).

Ran inside, got tray came out to the beginnings of a storm, got the goat in before the downpour hit. Guess the temps were just about right after all. Goat was salvageable and I was dry.

Conclusion - new bag of lump was the fix. I guess even my last sealed back had gotten too damp and was messing up my temps in the prior runs.

Will try to paint and post pics soon.

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My uds is still a work in process - but am getting closer to pictures. My fire basket is 12"x48" of expanded mesh, with a 14" diameter expanded mesh grate 3" from the bottom.

Initially I used the 18" el cheapo table top grill for an an ash pan. It worked, but I felt it was keeping my temperature down. I switched to a 16" commercial pizzia pan this weekend. It is much thicker/stronger than the el cheapo grill.

Temp was marginally better - but was working with minimal charcoal (only had sausage and abt's on the grill. Will run a full test again next smoking.

Anyway, I really liked the Acemart pizzia pan - it was about $8 and about 3/32 thick.
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