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Originally Posted by Norcoredneck View Post
It doesn't exactly spray. Don't want to seem like a know it all but my dad was in on the beginning of the powdercoat process. He ran a wheel company. They bought one of the first powder coat lines sold. Ithe clean piece is electracally (?) charged and so is the powder. A low pressure air or kinda "poof" is blown on the part and it is drawn to the part. Then it is put in the oven. Process is great. 400 is the minimum temp to start process. About the only way I had ever seen him get it off or strip it is with extreme temps. Great coating.

Old man used to blow a gasket when someone would ask him to "Dip" this in chrome!
He said when the goes on it's totally black and as it bakes the grey comes out, it's called gray vien. I never seen him do it but that is what he tells me.
I know what you mean about chrome. I used to nickel or chrome plate my brew stands, but after seeing the difference of powder coating I won't go back. I did a 50 gallon system at Christmas time for a guy in NY that insisted on nickel. I was so disapointed in that finished product.
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