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Default Saturday Gig

I had a gig for 90 people this past Saturday. It landed in my lap from a coworker. Her church group was having a conference and they were ready for some BBQ. The menu included pulled pork, chicken, beans, and slaw.
It was the first time I have tried reheating PP in the oven. I've done tons in boiling water, but never had to do this much, so it was into the oven. LOVED IT!!
This was also my first "real paying" job. Not that the thank yous and smiling faces rubbing full bellies isn't enough, but that don't pay the bills. It is so much more rewarding having a nice check in the hands when it's all over.
I gotta say that it was also my best batch of pulled pork ever. Injected and rubbed, then finished with rub, AJ, and a vinegar hot sauce...WOO WEE! It was good. It is so often (as I'm sure many of you can relate) that I am unhappy with my food, even though everyone is fighting over the last bits. Not this time. I was so happy with it. And even happier when I got home and ate some more. And even happier than that when the organist who owns a trailered Land 60 and cooks for all the church's events came over and asked for some extra cards to pass out.
All in all, it was a near-perfect event. About the funniest compliment was when a nice lady told me that she loved my BBQ because the pork was "nice and moist and easy for her 70-year old throat to swallow".
A big thanks to Brother Smoke who has been grooming me for this day for the last year or so, and to Brother Rocke for the equipment rental, but more so for encouragement and being a sounding guys are what makes me so proud to be a Brethren!!

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