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Default Feedback questionnaire for customers

Iím going to be leaving feedback questionnaires at my 2009 catering events, (with the hostís permission). Iím wondering if anyone has done this and if you have some samples you can share. My goal is to find out what we can do to improve, and to uncover any problem areas in customersí minds that I might not know about otherwise. Weíve been catering for 3-4 years but 2009 is our first year of being really serious about it. Our functions in the past have been for people we know or through close referrals Ė in other words, groups from which negative feedback doesnít flow freely.
This year, I have 6 events booked so far, plus quite a few open quotes. This is all new events for people I donít know. Itís very important for me to get this feedback. I have high confidence in our abilities due to past experience / interactions, but it would be ignorant to think there isnít room to improve.
My plan Ė Iíll be leaving 3x5Ē postcards with some basic information about us and a huge invitation (ďHow did we do?Ē) to give us feedback. The card will contain a URL (section of my website) where they can fill in some pre-determined questions and leave all the comments they want. I think Iíll get a much higher response rate than asking them to fill out a piece of paper and mail it in.
The motivation for them to do so will be a prize Ė a BBQ dinner for 20 people at the end of the season.
One other thought is to have one questionnaire for my customers Ė the people who chose us in the first place, and a different one for their guests.
Ideas / suggestions??
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